Introduction Form:

Name: LouLou (nickname)
Yahoo! ID: soccerlou99 or lemielke
Addictions of Choice (favorite games): [against people] *literati, *wordracer, chess, graffiti, checkers, some others... which I don't play very often
[singleplayer] most word games & puzzle games
A/S/L: 19/f/ON, Canada
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although this community looks dead, it's a good idea so i'll join for the heck of it anyway
so here's my info:

Name: Sari
Yahoo! ID: spunky_shananigans
Addictions of Choice (favorite games): Literati, Canasta, Pool
A/S/L: 20, female, toronto canada
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(no subject)

Name: Chelny
Yahoo! ID: im_the_bad_angel
Addictions of Choice (favorite games): Yahoo! Towers, Pool, Bingo, Yahoo! Graffiti, Literati™ and JT's Blocks™
A/S/L: 15/f/Canada
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Name: Sonja
Yahoo! ID: ready_set_vamanos
Addictions of Choice (favorite games): Pool, Yahoo! Graffiti, Gin, Checkers, Go Fish
A/S/L: 17/f/United States

Hi : )
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